Tackling An Ever-Evolving Market With Vitris

Learn how we keep businesses moving forward online
By. Dhakshana Cheralathan


Business owners have a lot on their plate...

Modern day business is not the same as what it once was. We are watching the world advance from and upon our traditional brick and mortar business functions, to an unbounded technology landscape. Thus providing more opportunity for businesses to flourish, that is, if businesses stay on par with technology, and do the necessary steps to vitalize their products and services. 

Most businesses in the Small to Medium Enterprise market do not have divisions and departments to aggregate their work. We understand many responsibilities such as financing, accounting, marketing & advertising may fall on you (the business owner), and we are here to make the transition to the digital market as smooth as possible.


Stick to Business, We’ll Handle the Rest

Here at Vitris, we not only work to help relieve business owners’ burden in vitalizing their company but also work to cultivate their business presence in an ever-growing online marketplace. We want businesses to focus on Customers, let the tech people take care of the rest. We take pride in the optimized websites we curate for our clients, as well as the effort we put in to maintain relationships by helping businesses make the most of the solutions we provide. It is important for us to have a personal end-to-end connection, where our clients become friends, and where friends ultimately become a part of our Vitris family.

Our Solution, Our Feedback, Your Success

Our goal is to offer the best optimization and support your brand needs to stay competitive on the digital front. We have engineered our software with the mission to build a website both seamlessly customizable and efficiently enhanced for our clients. We work to provide and interpret data that can help maximize opportunities leading to more conversions. Our Data Analytics team led by Rik Graboyes not only focuses on giving our clients suggestions based on performance data but also works to compile and simplify information from different source mediums in an effort to extract the most useful metrics to expand and make your business flourish online.


Through Vitris, your company’s website will have all the components and feedback it needs to succeed in the virtual market. We constantly try to improve our business functions by aggregating, learning, and building on the data we accumulate across all our clients, to best serve the endlessly evolving market.

Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Dhakshana Cheralathan and I joined the Vitris Team to work in Data Analytics and Reporting. I am a Management Information Systems (MIS) Major at the Fox School of Business, at Temple University. A key responsibility of an MIS major is to relay the knowledge and information that lies between the technical folks and the company’s clients.
I, like many of you, am still trying to wrap my head around many of the prevalent practices in modern technology. As customs regularly change, due to the natural progression of industry standards, it can be challenging and overwhelming trying to keep up with an industry that is constantly growing.
Working with Vitris, my objective is to use my experience to bridge the gap between the technical nature of our services and the knowledge base of the average consumer. I will work not only to give the Vitris Family insight on what we do here at Vitris, but also to learn, bring awareness to, and help provide a basic understanding on relevant tech topics so that small businesses are able to comprehend, follow, and implement the necessary measures to thrive in their unique industries. 
Don’t let a plethora of technical terms and practices keep you and your business from doing what you do best.
Please reach out to me about any topics you would like to be covered, any questions, or if you simply would like to chat.
Data Analytics and Reporting Intern
(267) 421-7328
1635 Market Street, 
Philadelphia, PA, 19103