Philly Is Prime

Posted on September 1st, 2018


Amazon took the world by storm a few weeks ago when the company announced it would be accepting bids for the placement of its second headquarters. Since the announcement, cities across the country have come up with clever ploys to try to gain Amazon’s attention. Philadelphia especially has gone above and beyond. A simple search on Google will show you the numerous articles written about why Philly would be such a great place for Amazon’s HQ2. All of them are wonderful reads, but most are missing the essential elements of what makes Philadelphia, here’s our not-so-conventional list of why we think #PhillyisPrime.

1. The People

Philadelphia is home to some of the most diverse, creative, and all around badass people in the country. Philly has bred icons like P!nk, Will Smith and Kevin Hart, who is now the highest paid comedian in the world, according to 6ABC. If it weren’t for Philly, Hart says he wouldn’t be the man he is today. Amen to that Mr. Hart!

2. The Food

Cheesesteaks, soft pretzels and tastykakes? What else could you want? To be honest, I’m not sure what the food is like in Seattle, but I’m sure you won’t regret eating anywhere in Philly. Every corner is boasting with unique eateries that all 50,000 of you Amazonians will have somewhere delicious to eat every single day.

3. We Have A LOT of Historic Landmarks

Philly is home to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, which is cracked and also spelled wrong, but what’s more Philly than that? The Declaration of Independence was signed here and The Constitution was adopted here too. And how can we forget, we are the hometown of Ben Franklin!

4. "In West Philadelphia Born and Raised..."

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and of course Rocky are just some of the television shows and movies based on Philadelphia and Philadelphia people. If they can make entire shows about Philly... Amazon, you can move your headquarters here.

5. Art, Art, and More Art

Besides all of the art festivals held around the city, there is literally art every direction you look. Subway stations, buildings, bridges, sidewalks... EVERYWHERE. We are lucky to be the home of so many talented artists. But don’t worry Amazon, you too will soon be lucky.

6. Best Sports Fans

Philadelphia sports or die. I actually think that is every sports fan’s motto if they live in Philadelphia. Some days that’s a good thing, most other days it’s a very, very bad thing...But hey, it shows just how willing to never give up we are!

7. The City of Brotherly Love

Although we get a bad rep sometimes for not being the nicest of people, in the end, we always come together! Just like @medanyilma said, “wherever you go in this city, you’ll run into people using their talents to motivate and inspire. Philly is filled with a diverse community that thinks big!”
Now Amazon, these are only just a few of the reasons why we think #PhillyisPrime, but we know you will love us! Remember, if we can host the Democratic National Convention, the Pope and the NFL Draft, all in LESS than three years, we can make sure to host you for a lifetime!