3 Ways Your Business Can Use Facebook Groups

Posted on April 29, 2018


The Benefits of Using Facebook Groups for Business

Social media is a cost-effective way for you to drive traffic to your small business’s website, and one social media asset that more small businesses should be taking advantage of is Facebook groups. When used correctly, Facebook groups are a great way to build awareness for your brand, create interest about your product or service, and establish yourself as an industry leader. Here are a few thing you can do to get involved with Facebook groups and make the most out of this underutilized opportunity.

1) Provide Value to Members

The great thing about Facebook groups is that all the members share a common interest. This means that you can spread valuable information about topics related to your business within a group of people who are likely to be receptive and listen. Keep in mind, however, that a Facebook group is not a place you can get away with cheap talk and expect to be taken seriously. If your business is to benefit from the group, then you must provide value to others first. This can include sharing tips, insights, or advice that will be useful to others. Providing value will help get your business noticed and appreciated.

2) Discuss Current Events

Facebook is a social platform used for a plethora of conversations, and an important one to be a part of is that surrounding current events. Talking about current events shows that you are up to date and enthusiastic about what’s happening, especially in your respective industry. People will appreciate hearing your insight and feedback on relevant topics, but make sure to avoid sharing controversial opinions that can sway perceptions about your business. Stay moderate and always remain relevant.

3) Ask Admins to Pin Your Post

Once you develop some credibility and authority amongst the group members, you can request admins to pin your posts to the top of the group. With a pinned post, you will be assured maximum exposure because all current and new members will be able to see it as soon as they look at the page. Pinned posts should include value-packed, interesting content related to your industry that people will want to share with their network. If you can achieve this in a large group, the results for your business can be huge.